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The GREAT GATSBY Motel Inn is an excellent choice for travelers visiting Northville. It offers a unique experience alongside many helpful amenities designed to enhance your stay. Moreover, Great Sacandaga Lake is a popular attraction that is within walking distance. Enjoy your GREAT GATSBY experience which oers more than a stay.

Bells are ringing for time travel! Are you Ready?

The Great Gatsby Motel Inn which reflects the legendary characters of the magnificent Great Gatsby and where you will be traveled to that era has been opened. The brightest nightlife of the 1920s is not far away. You can stay in the concept rooms of Gatsby, Daisy, Tom, Nick, Jordan and Myrtle characters and get into the character you want. If you are ready to be fascinated with the costumes and decors of those years, and to teleport to 2022 by collecting memories from 1920, we are waiting for you at Great Gatsby Motel Inn.

R1 Daisy Buchanan

R2 Tom Buchanan

R3 – Jordan Baker

R4 Nick Carraway

R5 Jay Gatsby

R6 Party Like Daisy

R7 Party Like Tom

R8 Party Like Jordan

R9 Party Like Nick

R10 Party Like Myrtle

R11 Myrtle Love